Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cassette Cover Art

Hello Everyone,

One of the reasons this blog exists is a great man called Doc Rock. He has sent me a lot of the stuff on this blog. He runs his own blog where he uploads very rare cassette artwork.

Beautiful stuff like this

If you want to see his EXTENSIVE collection of rare cassette artwork please go HERE



Rondell Jenkins said...

I'm pretty sure 100% that my favorite cover art of all time is for The Sweetest Tooth's last album called "Chocoholic Brown Sounds." You know it?

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Hey thanks man... i',m glad you picked the Everlies.. it was a nice scan..

Just to let y'all know, who visit my blog.. if you see a rare cassette, that you *want* the music from, *just ask!!!*.. I've got no problem doing a quality rip.. just that I have to do it by request.. it doesn't take just the time to rip it, which is at LEAST the length of the album proper, but I have to set the azimuth etc, on the tape heads to match the original duplicating machine, and then *carefully* de-hiss the tape, without affecting the sound quality. Then I have to compensate for 30 to 50 years wear on the tape by bringing up the lost hi end, and then add a harmonic enhancer to bring back the 2nd and 3rd order harmonics..
That's 3 hours work per album folks...
I posted a tape called "electronic sound" by George Harrison, not so long ago.. It just AINT ever going to see a re-issue, because it's, frankly, terrible, but it is soo rare that if you wanted a copy, you'd only ever get it from me.. besidesm, the copy I posted has never been played..it , like Lennon's "Life with the Lions", also posted at the same time,. were in plastic when I got them..
So just ask!! and thanks again for the nod, Eric!

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

I am likely to be opening a shop soon.. I have been checking, and all the places that say "only rare cassettes"are hardly legitimate, as they have 80 to 90 percent "bar code" tapes .. which instantly rules them out as fraudulent shops..
I live in a remote area, geographically, so unless I give a rebate for gas, to locals, I could not ever expect enough customers to pay the basic expenses of operating a storefront.. however, without a legitimate storefront, I have little chance of qualifying myself as a genuine shop.
Bottom line is, I may have the RAREST tapes ib the entire world, but unless I can PROVE it, by some sales, online, I can never justify opening a shop..
If you value my content, and would like to see it continue, I would suggest, make a purchase...so I can justify opening a storefront....

Furthermore, let me know what you, as consumer, would like to see, and would be willing to pay for, in a 1st level quality shop...
I may not *have* to justify my reasons, in order to obtain finance for this venture, but if I do NOT make a serious effort to, indeed, justify it, I am a fool...
so any pertinent advice is very, very, welcome indeed!!

Thank you very much... Nick (Doc) Ettema.. aka Doc Rock

Rondell Jenkins said...

Doccus Morockus can really type up a storm, can't he? LOL