Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Lexingtons Double LP

Greetings Beach Boys fans,

I don't know if you know this, but I have been recording Beacn Boys inspired music under the name The Lexingtons since 2007 and I have just finished my second release, a double album with disc 1 called "Isn't It Nice To Be Loved?" and disc 2 called "Choose Choice".

I really hope that you will download these albums and give them a chance. There are 35 songs in total that I have been working on for years to release. The first disc is traditional pop songs and the second disc is shorter, more experimental instrumental "mood" music that is designed to be put on repeat.

Released November 2010.

1. Solving Problems For You
2. Enough
3. Space Flight Is Delayed
4. Change Is Hard
5. Health Is Here!
6. Outside In The Sun
7. I Can Be Like That
8. She Tells Me No
9. Isn't It Nice To Be Loved?
10. Never Say Something You'll Later Regret
11. Piano Excursion
12. Making It Is Tough
13. Thirteen


Released November 2010.

1. Born On The Moon
2. You Gotta Stop
3. After Midnight
4. Night Disco
5. Alex's Melody
6. Discovery And Recovery
7. Health Is Here! (Demo)
8. Gettin' Better
9. Little Star
10. Piano Score
11. The Feeling In The Air
12. The Wild West
13. Eye Movies
14. Old House
15. Jacob's Bird
16. Space Chase
17. Jackson Federal Hall
18. When Pollen Makes You Sneeze
19. Awful Cold In Here
20. Eric Sr's Melody
21. Under The Covers
22. Return To The Moon



Jo said...

Will check these out, thanks.

Capt. Willard said...

Grabbing them now. Curious... and thanks.

Stopped by to give you an address update for your blogroll...

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