Thursday, February 11, 2010

66/67 SMiLE with HI-RES booklet!

This is another fan made smile with awesome high resolution scans of the original booklet! This is worth it for the booklet alone, BUT the mix is fantastic. Here is a bit of the description!

"All credit for audio quality goes to Purple Chick, Mok and Ryan Marks. I could not hope to out-do them in the remastering of these tracks.

Without doing a track-by-track, some of the highlights of this mix include:
*Improved seamless transitions between tracks, without cutting in elements from BWPS (for the hardcore vintage folks).
*I used tracks without digital edits (pitch/tempo shifts) as much as possible. (Those that may remain are not distracting.)
*Perhaps best of all, a hi-res reconstruction of the original Smile booklet is included. (I used 150 dpi for the attached jpeg's, which are perfect for printing. I have larger files if you want, though.) The pages are arranged in PRINT ORDER, and are numbered and arranged for back-to-back printing as they are. I hope the order is obvious, but file "1-16" means page 1 (the front cover) and page 16 (the back cover) and prints on the back of file "2-15" and so on. I can elaborate if need be."

Download here


Paul said...

This is GREAT. Thank you.

Childish said...

Maybe this is obvious, but I'll say it anyway.

If you only want to have the original booklet itself, without the front and back cover, start with file 3-14. Print back to back with 4-13, and so on. When you fold it up, the pic of the BB's in the boat will be the front cover.

Files 1-16 and 2-15 are meant to make the whole booklet ideal for a jewel case, while still preserving the correct facing pages for the original album booklet. (2-15, as you might recognize, are scans of articles in Look! Listen! Vibrate! Smile! just fill in the extra pages without leaving anything blank.)

Enjoy, all!

Wrightfan said...

Interesting collection. Only problem I had was a big editing problem during the second "Child is Father of the Man' chorus. It comes in too quick. Overall not bad

P.S. to Eric. I am working on another version of a mono SMiLE on my own on and off. Got The Elements (Decided to throw out air and earth as there's too much conflicting info and water and fire was the original plan at first), Wonderful (with the yodeling edited in. Don't think there's been a mono fanmix that's done it) and Cabinessence done so far.

Childish said...

I agree. That's actually from the Purple Chick version (except for the new ending, which is tacked on from Mok's mix) and I left it be for the time.

As any of us who've worked on a Smile mix know, though, you start to lose your mind a little bit (especially if you're assembling your own Heroes and Villains mix) and that blip was just outside of my threshold for perfection.

Otherwise, I hope the mix was worth the listen. Thanks for the feedback!

The Sunchymes said...

Fantastic, i love the artwork on the original booklet. It really compliments the music

Nicholas Terry said...

So, where exactly can one get the multitracks to try their hand at a mix?

SweetFA said...

Any chance of reuploading this please?

NoLove4MikeLove said...


Anonymous said...

could you re-upload this? please?

Anonymous said...

Please reupload this! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please Re-Up !!!!!
Many Thanx.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, Can you please re-upload this? It looks like it's gone. I doubt the box set will have the booklet so this would be a good teaser for the summer.


The Lexingtons said...

Can someone help me get this back??

- Eric

Eli said...

I need to find this booklet. I am on the search.