Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even more new stuff

Hey guys, third post in less than a week! Woo, I am on a roll! I am getting help with uploads thanks to people who are emailing their rare BB stuff... so if you have anything you want to send my way that isn't here yet, I'll throw it on the blog!

Ok, so thanks to Doc Rock, here is some Stereo Rarities (Volume 1), including a symphonic intro on the extended "Good Vibrations"! It also has some remixes you may not have heard.

Alt, Alt, Alt, Alt

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gard. Thanks.

DJole said...

Thanks! Is there other volumes of this set?!?

Anonymous said...

It would be so excellent bootlegs, but I think the woices too mud. Sorry bout my crappy comment. I'm russian.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Can you please post the track listing for vol.1 and 2? The songs are in alphabetical order for some reason.